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Minidude179's Application
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Joined: 27th Jun 2017
Rank: --
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27th Jun 2017

IGN - Minidude179

Say YES if you understand that asking a staff member about your application means an instant rejection of your application -   Yes

Age -   I will be turning 16 in one month.

Timezone – Mountain Time zone

Current Rank – Member

Position you are applying for - Any staff position You need to be filled. I am more than willing to work up the ranks from helper, if  necessary.

What time are you most often on? (your time) -  The times I will be on will vary due to varying work times, though I am on summer break so will be able to play for a great deal of time. The times I expect I will be on most are 8am through 3pm, but this may change.

Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? -  No, though I will do what I can to translate with software when necessary to talk with people of other cultures and countries. 

When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? -  I first played Minecraft when I was around nine years of age, and have been playing on and off ever since. I am getting back into Minecraft, and so haven't been able to play much due to school, work, and training, but have every intension of playing more and more.

Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? -  I have been banned on one server in the past, but after I was able to contact the owner and explained the situation (it was an absolute misunderstanding) I was immediately unbanned.

What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? –  I have been Administrator on five servers, Moderator on four, Builder on two, Helper on four, Global Op on one, Co-owner on one, and Owner on one throughout my history of playing Minecraft.

How long have you been playing on the server? -  Not overly long, but I have every intention of playing for many hours and days to come.

Where are you most active on the server? -  Don't fully understand the question, but I play most when I am at home, and when I play I enjoy helping others within reason and however I can within my power, as well as exploring and building.

How many hours can you contribute per day? -  I will be able to play around 2-5 hours daily, but this will fluctuate slightly if I get called into work etc. In such a case, I will notify you of what the reason is, and when I will be able to play next.

Have you donated? If so, when? -   I've not donated yet, though have the intention to in the future.

What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? -    I would notify them that this is a game meant for a wide range of ages, and it isn't always possible for younger youth to show the expected amount of maturity. In such a case, I find it best to put forth greater maturity than usual, so as to make up for what they may lack. Doing so will make it possible/ easier to go about dealing with the situation more efficiently, quicker, and also come about better results, all the while avoiding unnecessary swearing etc.

Do you have Discord Or Skype Then List What Your Name Is In Them!? - I use Discord for the most part due to it's efficiency, and my name is: Minidude179#8752

Are you able to record? – I have the software to record, and so I can record any rule breakers if and when necessary.

Do you have any skills/experience in the following (CSS, HTML, PHP, Java, Linux, ect.) –  I have some knowledge in CSS, HTML, Java, and have used Linux. My knowledge doesn't extend overly far, but I have sources in which to help however necessary. 

How many staff applications have you made before? -  I have made greater than ten staff applications in the past.

What is the date of the last application you made? – The last staff application I created was about six months ago, though I do not have the exact date, It was late 2016.

How did you find this server? - I found your server on TOPG located under new servers.

Anything else we should know? –  I may appear young in age, but my wisdom, knowledge, and experience with people as a whole is above average (or so I'm told). I will and can do everything in my power to help however necessary.

Thanks for your time,
Joined: 29th Apr 2017
Rank: --
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27th Jun 2017

I've Decided To Accept you're Application But As Moderator, And you can work your way from Moderator to the top. Your application had alot of information i do really like that.
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